Door to Door collector

The arrival of door-to-door collection has radically changed the service.
Today, it is necessary to collect the bins left outside the houses by emptying them directly into the vehicle’s body. But these are too high.
You cannot lower the body because you would lose all the advantages due to the watertightness and capacity that the height from the body, you have to move in other ways.
That is where the door-to-door basket was born. A practical container attached to the bin lifetr where you can unload all the collected bins. We have devised two types of them.
Come and discover them.

Foldable Pannier

Our integrated solution for the manual door-to-door collection of bins or bags.

The bin lifter has a watertight bag which can be opened hydraulically.

It is only installed on small vehicles such as 2.2 to 5 cubic metres tip hopper equipmente and 5 cubic metres units.

The advantages are low weight and low costs.

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    Hard Steel Pannier

    Our integrated bin lifter solution for manual collection of bulky waste or bags.

    The lifter is comprises of a watertight iron pannier with a capacity of 300 litres. The container is always ready-to-use, but it must remain within the vehicle’s profile, with no interference with the body’s discharge phase. It can be used in combination with the rack or DIN arms.

    This type of solution is fitted on 7 and 10 cubic meters mini compactor because its higher weight makes it difficult to use on smaller vehicles.
    The advantages of this solution are:


    Load capacity


    DOES NOT require any additional operations during the waste loading phase


    Drain valve on the bottom for easier cleaning


    Can be used in combination with the rack and DIN arms