Rear and Side Multifraction Equipment

Today it is necessary to optimise the collection service. It is not enough to have a body tipper and a bin lifter. Today, different solutions are needed.

In Rossi Oleodinamica we have developed some perfect solutions for this problem.

The MULTISIDE line is characterised by two independent perpendicular body. The rear one can also be divided into two. The front one is a simple body tipper with the possibility of adding a bin lifter, while the rear one(s) can also be equipped with a compaction system.

This solution makes it possible to have body with large volumes but requires the use of vehicles with long wheelbases (especially with the front bin lifter) and therefore more bulky.

With the right planning, it is possible to do an excellent job of collecting 2 or more separate fractions in a single shift, saving time and money.



Small size


Possibility of loading different types of waste


Possibility of unloading into larger compactors or tanks


Customisation and modularity


Independent unloading of bodies



– Color Rearview Camera
– Roller Stabilizer
– Brackets to Hold Broom and Shovel


– Dual tipping controls
– Autogrip
– Tool Boxes
– Nordic Kit (for working at -40° C)
– Can Bus System
– Rear bumper pads
– Stabilizer legs with contact sensor
– Lateral door (Left)
– Homologated Footboards
– Automatic DIN lid/roll Top Opener
– Foldable Pannier
– Hard Steel Pannier
– Lateral Door (Right)
– Telemetry System
– Blade for Glass Collection

Not compatible:

– Cover with Rolled Up Tarpaulin
– Synchronized Rigid Cover for Bin and Body Emptying
– Aluminium Body

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