Who we are not

We are NOT a “Waste Cleanup Supermarket”

For sure, you can find companies which offer products that go from rubbish bins to three-axle trucks, passing through sweepers, small trucks, three wheelers. Some of them may even include brooms and vacuum cleaners.I appreciate that the convenience of a “Waste Cleanup Supermarket” can be enticing.But be honest, who would you go to for heart surgery? To a simple family doctor or to a heart specialist? We don’t do everything for everyone, but we focus on small vehicles. From small three wheelers right up to 14 cubic-metre trucks.That’s all we make and all we will ever make.

We are NOT a discount store

An initially low price is not always synonymous with affordability!
If you’re looking for cheap discounted vehicles, sorry we can’t help. Not even by recommending other companies. We don’t want to put you in an awkward position. Instead, if you are looking for a long-established company, able to cater to your needs and give you a well-made and reliable product, then here we are!

 We are NOT a here-today and gone-tomorrow (after selling you a truck) company

Since 1974 we have never changed name or corporate focus.Rest assured that we will not disappear after we’ve sold you something – guaranteed! We’ll be there to assist you and help you throughout the entire sales cycle, and beyond.

Mission and values

We do not build china cups, but trucks to collect urban waste. Vehicles that do a tough job and put considerable stress on any component. Hence our mission has always been to build vehicles that last forever.

You will have a vehicle that will never leave you stranded. You can work 7 days out of 7, our trucks will accompany you for years. Even for decades.

But don’t worry, even after all those years we can upgrade our equipment with cutting-edge technology parts, without disrupting the structure.

With us, you can be sure of a reliable product which will not lose its value and efficiency over time. One moment!

And environmental protection, high quality and respect for customers? What has happened to these values?

Well, the fact is we take them for granted which is like telling someone that water wets and fire burns. Know anyone who would say the opposite? Ok, rest assured. WE DON’T!

It takes the same amount of time to do things right as it does to do them wrong,
except that lateron you gain a lot of time and money

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Why Choose Us


We have been on the market since 1974 and for almost 50 years have been working in close contact with those who actually use our equipment. We were the first to design a hopper on a three-wheeler. We were the first to design a mini-compactor on a 3500 kilo truck. We will be the first to cater to YOUR request and solve YOUR problem.


Unlike most manufacturers of waste collection vehicles,we specialize in one thing only:small and medium-size vehicles.
We too could build compactors on three-axle trucks, provide collection management services,make bins and offer a rental service, but we don’t. We do not want to disperse our energy and our knowledge by trying to do everything. Each vehicle has its own features and its production and design dynamics. By focusing on a limited number of products we can satisfy your needs in the best way possible.
You’ll have a vehicle which is truly functional for YOUR job.


In Europe, it is not the price that counts; what matters is safety and reliability.
Our vehicles have all it takes to compete on this market and for this reason, in 2019 we acquired an important trading partner. Terberg Royal Group, which has been one of the most important European groups in the waste collection vehicle sector for more than 150 years, has included our small and medium-size vehicles in its product catalogue. Our vehicles are not only available in Italy, but worldwide.


Our vehicles are built to last. We’ll never leave you stranded and you’ll have all the reliability of a vehicle that will work for you all the time you need it.


Our spare parts service is so efficient that you’ll have your replacements in 24h *.

In addition, we can also find replacement parts for very old vehicles.


We like to experiment and constantly put ourselves to the test.
Being able to solve your problem is our primary mission. The research and experimentation stage is a source of growth for us; It is what has guided us since we were first established.
We can cater to all your specific requirements; you will be involved in product development andresearching the most effective solutions. You’ll have a unique and specific product for YOUR needs.

Our History


The first waste collection equipment mounted on a Piaggio Ape 703 three-wheeler was born. ” the operators […] needed to solve loading and unloading operations with maximum ease and speed, combined with minimal installation costs. The patent […] stands out for its ease of assembly and minimal installation costs.” (patent)


Lazzaro Rossi, now with a decade of experience in maintaining waste collection vehicles, decides to move towards actual production. Here come into play his two sons, Galiano and Oscar, who bring ingenuity and intuition. Rossi is born and our headquarters in the industrial area of Riccione, where it is still located today.


A few years later, the second jewel of the family arrives, R108. It is the first mini-compactor in history, an equipment designed for the collection and compaction of urban waste, mounted on a small truck. Thanks to this patent, which later became the standard in the collection business, we make our entry into the national urban hygiene market, making our machines known to the most important companies in the area. (patent)


From gray to white. Thanks to an intuition by Oscar, we began to paint our equipments white instead of gray. This change is not just a matter of aesthetics; the white color encourages equipment users to keep them cleaner and tidier. This innovation was so influential that white finally became a standard in the sector.


Over the years, the company continues to grow, along with production and equipment fleet. We introduce the KR2000 compactor, equipped with an ejection plate, which reflects our peculiarity: the ability to install equipment on medium-sized vehicles (over 7 tons) and unload waste into large compactors.


From a partnership to a corporation: OLEODINAMICA di ROSSI GALIANO & C. S.n.c. evolves into Rossi Oleodinamica Srl. With this transition, things get more serious and the company prepares for new challenges and opportunities.


​The reliability and quality of the Rossi name cross Italian borders, expanding our presence in international markets. Through the partnership with Ros Roca, a Spanish company that resells our equipment abroad, we reach countries such as Spain, France, Greece, Croatia, and Macedonia.


Rossi Oleodinamica welcomes Omar and Eleonora, Galiano and Oscar’s children, who immediately bring the innovative and fresh approach that gives the company an extra boost. With over 12,000 pieces of equipment produced, the quality of our work is not only recognised by our customers but also by our competitors. In fact, our equipment not only receives appreciation, but is also the most imitated.


Innovation continues: Rossi Oleodinamica develops and patents the first dual-bin vehicle, the R25 model, specifically designed for the separate collection of wet and dry waste. This novelty represents another step forward in the field of satellite vehicles for urban hygiene.


Another insight born from working closely with operators: the need to prevent waste falling during bin lifting. This led to the development of the verticalized bin lifter, which lifts the bin to the edge of the body and rotates it only at that moment to empty it. This innovation effectively solves the problem, greatly improving cleanliness during waste collection.


Over time, our quality standards only improve. Thanks to dedication and hard work, we obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification, a recognition that underscores our commitment to continuous adaptation and quality improvement. This milestone reflects the excellence that permeates every aspect of our production.


Our flagship model, the R108, the first mini-compactor in history, undergoes a complete restyling, both technically and aesthetically. The QUBE is born, a renewed version that combines advanced technical innovations with a modern and appealing design.


Our foreign market share gains momentum thanks to the collaboration with Geesink-Norba, an important European multinational company in the market. The choice of Rossi Oleodinamica as official partner for the satellite vehicle segment represents a significant step in our international expansion and consolidates our reputation as manufacturers of high-quality equipment, thus meeting the needs of an increasingly global and competitive sector.


We fly towards the east: Hyva Holding BV, acquires the patents for some of our equipment, taking over exclusive production and marketing for the Asian market. As a symbolic gesture, we stipulated that the first five units would work in Chinese cities such as Yangzhou, Beijing, and Nanjing, proudly adorned with the Italian flag. This detail not only celebrates our roots but also emphasizes the international scope of our commitment to quality and innovation.


When volume is never enough. We have welcomed two new additions to our product range, the R200 and R300. Two robust 7 and 10 cubic metre tub compactors, in great demand abroad but equally popular in Italy.


Separate waste collection is changing the world of waste management, and we at Rossi Oleodinamica are not lagging behind. We have developed the Hard Steel Pannier, an innovative system specifically designed to facilitate door-to-door collection. This equipment allows operators to unload the bins at a height that conforms to union standards, thus improving ergonomics and work efficiency. With this instrument, we are committed to supporting companies in improving the effectiveness of their waste collection practices.


From builders to editors: the first blog about satellite waste collection vehicles is born. With this platform, we aspire to become an authoritative voice in the industry, sharing knowledge and innovations. At the same time, we publish the book “Volevo salvare il mondo”, which talks about our history and tells our way of working. We also devise and present the LONG LIFE SYSTEM, the first 5- step system that allows you to have satellite collection vehicles that last. This system not only extends the operational life of the vehicles, but represents a significant step forward in our mission to support more efficient and durable harvesting practices.


After the conclusion of our partnership with Geesink-Norba, our vehicles continue to conquer the international market with the support of Royal Terberg Group, one of the most prestigious companies in the waste collection vehicle sector in Europe. This partnership not only strengthens our global presence, but also renews and intensifies our historical collaboration with Ros Roca, now part of the Terberg Group, after more than 20 years. These strategic synergies allow us to further expand our international footprint, guaranteeing the innovation and quality that characterise our products.


We also continue to grow thanks to the support of the Terberg Group, which provides us with the essential boost to expand our structural and personnel investments. Our team is expanding and our production department is being reorganised to respond effectively to increasing demand. Production now focuses on the largest vehicles in our range, such as mini compactors of over 7 cubic metres, part of our renowned ERRE.


The growth trend continues both in the Italian market and abroad, bringing our turnover to over 12 million euros. We extend our export network by introducing new countries such as Germany and the Baltic Republics. This expansion brings the share of our turnover from exports to over 50% of the total.


A significant milestone. We celebrate 50 years of excellence and innovation in the urban waste vehicle sector. Half a century of successes, challenges overcome, and goals achieved, but our mission does not stop here. We look to the future with renewed vigor, ready to face new challenges and explore new opportunities. With a solid history behind us, we are excited to embark on the coming years, advancing our vision with passion and dedication.