Mini Compactor was the invention that gave birth to Rossi Oleodinamica. In 1980, Galiano Rossi solved a serious problem for collection body tipper; that of waste that remained stationary on the slide, without completely filling the body. With a simple idea, the collection world was revolutionised and from that day on, everyone in Italy started using mini compactors.

These machines work best with organic waste and glass, but are also used for door-to-door collection because they are agile and compact and have a good loading capacity due to the compactor system.

After 40 years, QUBE remains our flagship product. Mini compactors with a capacity of 3,5 to 7 m3 and can be mounted on vehicles from 2,1 to 7,5 tons GVW.

With its body rounded at the bottom to facilitate loading and unloading, its complete watertightness, its 3:1 compaction rate and the possibility of handling any type of container, we can say that it is the right machine for any type of job.

The ace in the hole for any type of service.

The 3,5 – 5 e 5,5 m3 models are available in 3 types:

Steel: Definitely the most competitive in terms of price, but suffers a little in terms of capacity.
Aluminium alloy: The best in terms of load capacity and weather resistance.
Hybrid: Aluminium body and steel compaction blade. The right compromise between price and load capacity.
Like all Rossi equipment, Qube has the possibility to unload into larger compactors.



Compaction (3,5:1)


Small footprint


Pratical even in small towns


Can be unloaded into larger compactors


Low operating and maintenance costs

Technical Data
Volume m³ Weight kg Length mm Width mm Height mm GVW (max) ton
3,6 895 2775 1504 2,2÷2,8
5,0¹ 950 3346 1700 1150 3,5÷6
5,5² 1400 3347 1993 1289 3,5÷6
6,0 1550 3113 1839 1592 6÷7,5
7,0 1800 3806 1839 1592 7,5÷9

¹ Aluminium version
² Steel version


– Color rearview camera
– Brackets to hold broom and shovel


– Dual tipping controls
– Autogrip
– Tool Boxes
– Nordic Kit (for working at -40°C)
– Can Bus System
– Rear bumper pads
– Stabilizer legs with contact sensor
– Lateral door (Left)
– Roller stabilizer
– Homologated Footboards
– Automatic DIN lid/roll Top opener
– Foldable Pannier
– Hard Steel Pannier
– Lateral Door (Right)
– Telemetry System
– Blade for Glass Collection

Depends on the type of chassis and the cubature of the equipment:

– Aluinium Body

Not compatible:

– Cover with rolled up tarpaulin
– Synchronized rigid cover for bin and body emptying

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