Waste collection vehicles, do you really need to talk about it?

Well, I think so. Finally, you can also find useful information!

In fact, I noticed that if you want to have information you have 2 chance:

Comb through catalogs and brochures, looking for the little you find written;
Read the sites of English, German or Dutch companies hoping to find useful information.
There’s only one problem… You can look all you like… but you’ll never find anything!

I know from experience. When I started working for Rossi Oleodinamica, I tried to learn from the people around me. In the meantime, however, I wanted to find information on my behalf….


So I made a lot of effort and did a lot of research. In the end I found a lot of useful information and I want to write it in this blog.

By the way, I am presenting myself. Andrea Rossi and work at Rossi Oleodinamica, a company that since 1974 has been manufacturing eco-friendly vehicles for waste collection. I work in the sales department and as responsible for marketing and communication.

But to communicate well, first of all, one needs to be properly informed. So, thanks to the more than 40 years of experience of company managers, I have been able to expand my knowledge a lot.

And I want to turn them to you to help you.

You need to make the right choice. Every time you buy a waste collection vehicle, you need to know what to evaluate.

Certainly you have gained some experience. You certainly know what you want. However, there are aspects that you don’t know or may not have ever fully evaluated.

Well, I want to help you understand what can help you make useful decisions.

I have noticed that in this sector, updates and news travel at high speeds. I assure you that between electronics, materials, technologies and regulations there is no way to get bored.

As if to say: from the horse-drawn carriage…. it was made out of the way.

So, this is the reason for this blog.


Talk to you about new Technologies


Explain the various construction techniques


Discover the new laws and regulations

Everything that can help you grow and make your work in waste collection successful

So I welcome you on the blog and hope to help you in your business.

Let’s rock