Body Tipper

Body tippers are the backbone of the fleet. They have to do the heavy work; keeping up the pace without ever giving in. It is better, therefore, that they are built strong and robust, so they can withstand the hard work without succumbing.
It requires small, agile, functional machines, equipped with everything necessary to lift bins and collect waste.
With AGILE you have the confidence of a simple and easy-to-use vehicle that is not fragile or delicate. Functional equipment, with everything you need to lift bins and collect waste. From 1,5 a 7 m3 in volume, they can be fitted on small trucks or on 3,5-5,5 tons GVW lorries, but also on the electric vehicles that drive around town centres or parks.
You will have vehicles suitable for use as satellite vehicles for collecting waste in old town centres and areas with poor accessibility.
We have been building body tippers for 45 years and we know that no matter how simple they may be, they cannot be built without care. AGILE will be the infantry of your fleet, the ones that will do the hard work, but will be able to keep up the pace without ever giving in.



Small size


Easy maintenance


Easy access in parks or small city centres


discharge into larger compactors


low operating and maintenance cost

Technical Data
Volume m³ Weight kg Length mm Width mm Height mm GVW (max)
2,2¹ 895 2030 1380 1,5÷1,9
2,9² 470 2274 1615 1160 2÷2,4
3,6² 540 2570 1715 1150 2,5÷2,8
5,5³ 1000 3221 1734 1190 3,5÷6
7,0 1200 3722 1963 1228 7,5÷9

¹ Aluminium version
² Steel version – aluminium options (-100÷150 kg)
³ Steel version – aluminium options (-250 kg)



– Lateral door (right)
– Brackets to hold broom and shovel


– Dual tipping controls
– Autogrip
– Tool Boxes
– Nordic Kit (for working at -40° C)
– Can Bus System
– Rear bumper pads
– Stabilizer legs with contact sensor
– Lateral door (Left)
– Color rearview camera
– Roller Stabilizer
– Cover with rolled up tarpaulin
– Synchronized rigid cover for bin and body emptying

Depends on the type of chassis and the cubature of the equipment:

– Homologated Footboards
– Automatic DIN lid/roll top opener
– Foldable pannier
– Hard Steel pannier
– Aluminum body

Not compatible:

– Telemetry system
– Blade for glass collection

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