When load requirements increase, but space is still limited, it is not enough to increase the size, you have to think differently.

Today, collection needs have changed. The types of waste have changed. Less mixed waste, more organic waste, therefore more liquid, heavier for the same volume. This is why we need an equipment that are not only larger, but also stronger and more efficient. With a proper lifting system that can guarantee maximum efficiency in all circumstances.

This is why we have created our exclusive line of Mini Compactors Plus ERRE, to meet the demand for greater loading capacity and improved efficiency and ease of unloading. Perfect for collecting organic waste and glass, they speed up loading and unloading operations without losing leachate or getting scratched by glass shards.

They have a capacity of 7, 11 or 14 m³ with reinforcing stringers on the sides, bigger hydraulic systems and can be mounted on chassis from 7,5 ton upwards. They also have an additional piston to help them lift and roller stabiliser feet to increase stability.

The verticalized bin lifter does not permit any loss of material and waste, because it starts rotating only when it is above the body.

The new hinging system permits an easier unloading of the body, away from the vehicle. Coupling becomes easier and safer.

But we couldn’t stop there. Knowing the difficulties when discharging very compacted material, such as cardboard, we developed new Easy-Emptying discharge system. A special auxiliary blade will help the waste to come out during unloading.

This last detail makes ERRE extremely versatile, practically perfect for any kind of collection.

Like all Rossi equipment, ERRE have the capacity to discharge into larger compactors and the ability to handle any type of bin.



Large load capacity


High compaction (4:1)


Reduced overall dimensions


Perfect for organic and glass waste


Works well with mixed waste


Can be unloaded into larger compactors


Easy unloading


Lifts the body easily even when it is fully loaded

Technical Data
Volume m³ Weigt kg Length mm Width mm Height mm GVW (max)
7,0 2250 3734 2120 1665 7,5÷9,0
11,0 3625 4535 2435 1500 11÷14
14,5 4355 4714 2500 1500 16÷18



– Can bus system
– Color rearview camera
– Roller Stabilizer
– Brackets to hold broom and shovel


– Dual tipping control
– Autogrip
– Tool Boxes
– Nordic Kit (for working at -40°C)
– Rear bumper pads
– Homologated Footboards
– Automatic DIN lid/roll Top opener
– Hard Steel pannier
– Telemetry system
– Blade for glass collection

Depends on the type of chassis and the cubature of the equipment:

– Stabilizer legs with cotact sensor

Not compatible:

– Laterl door (Left)
– Cover with rolled up tarpaulin
– Synchronized rigid cover for bin and body emptying
– Foldable pannier
– Aluminium body
– Lateral door (Right)

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