MULTI – Rear Multifraction Equipment

Today it is necessary to optimise the collection service. It is not enough to have a body tipper and a bin lifter. Today, different solutions are needed.

In Rossi Oleodinamica we have developed some perfect solutions for this problem.

The MULTI line is characterised by two independent longitudinal body, with the same or different sizes depending on your needs (70-30% or 50-50%). It can also be equipped with a compaction system.

With this solution it will be possible to use vehicles with short wheelbases and therefore very compact, even if it will not give the possibility to have bodyes with huge volumes.

With the right planning, it is possible to do an excellent job of collecting 2 or more separate fractions in a single shift, saving time and money.



  • Small size
  • Possibility of loading different types of waste
  • Possibility of unloading into larger compactors or tanks
  • Customisation
  • Independent unloading of bodies

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