Mission and Values

We do not build china cups, but trucks to collect urban waste.

Vehicles that do a tough job and put considerable stress on any component.

Hence our mission has always been to build vehicles that last forever.

You will have a vehicle that will never leave you stranded. You can work 7 days out of 7, our trucks will accompany you for years. Even for decades.

But don’t worry, even after all those years we can upgrade our equipment with cutting-edge technology parts, without disrupting the structure.

With us, you can be sure of a reliable product which will not lose its value and efficiency over time.

One moment!

And environmental protection, high quality and respect for customers?

What has happened to these values?

Well, the fact is we take them for granted which is like telling someone that water wets and fire burns.

Know anyone who would say the opposite?

Ok, rest assured.


“It takes the same amount of time to do things right as it does to do them wrong,
except that lateron you gain a lot of time and money”

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