Who we are NOT

Thanks for your time. I expect it won’t be much.That’s why, instead of starting with the history of our company, I want to tell you who we AREN’T.

It will be much easier for you to understand if we are meant fo each other.


We are NOT a “Waste Cleanup Supermarket”

For sure, you can find companies which offer products that go from rubbish bins to three-axle trucks, passing through sweepers, small trucks, three wheelers. Some of them may even include brooms and vacuum cleaners.I appreciate that the convenience of a “Waste Cleanup Supermarket” can be enticing.But be honest, who would you go to for heart surgery? To a simple family doctor or to a heart specialist? We don’t do everything for everyone, but we focus on small vehicles. From small three wheelers right up to 10 cubic-metre trucks.That’s all we make and all we will ever make.

We are NOT a discount store

An initially low price is not always synonymous with affordability!
If you’re looking for cheap discounted vehicles, sorry we can’t help. Not even by recommending other companies. We don’t want to put you in an awkward position. Instead, if you are looking for a long-established company, able to cater to your needs and give  you a well-made and reliable product, then here we are!

We are NOT a here-today and gone-tomorrow (after selling you a truck) company

Since 1974 we have never changed name or corporate focus.Rest assured that we will not disappear after we’ve sold you something – guaranteed! We’ll be there to assist you and help you  throughout the entire sales cycle, and beyond.

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