Here are some of the optional extras that can be fitted to the different equipment. Scan the QR-code at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to a web page where you can see photos of some options.

Color rearview cameraOSSSSS
Cover with rolled up tarpaulinOXXXXX
Lateral door (Left)OOXXOO
Roller stabilizerOOSXSS
Brackets to hold broom and shovelSSSSSS
Dual tipping controlsOOOOOO
Rear bumper padsOOOXOO
Homologated FootboardsO*OOOOO
Lateral door (Right)SOXXOO
Automatic DIN lid/Roll Top openerO*OOOOO
Tool BoxesOOOOOO
Synchronized rigid cover for bin and body emptyingOXXXXX
Blade for glass collectionXOOXOO
Hard Steel pannierO*OOXOO
Foldable pannierO*OXOOO
Aluminium bodyO*O*XXXX
Can Bus SystemOOSSOO
Nordic Kit (for working at -40° C)OOOOOO
Stabilizer legs with contact sensorOOS*XOO
Telemetry systemXOOOOO

*  depends on the type of chassis and the cubature of the equipment. 

S: standard – O: optional – X: not compatible

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