Waste collection service requirements are increasingly more demanding. Simply collecting waste is no longer enough; it must be compacted, to be able to collect more and optimize collection service schedules.

Having a waste compactor may be convenient in terms of yield, but space and budgets do not always permit it.

We solved this problem more than 30 years ago when we invented the first mini-compactor.

Since then, we have gone a long way and today we have QUBE. Versatile, handy, compact, durable and functional. In 5.5 or 7 cubic metre versions.

With its rounded-bottomhopper to facilitate loading and unloading operations, total water-tightness, 1:3 compaction force and the ability to manage any type of bin, we can safely say it is the ideal machine for doing any kind of job.

The trump card for any type of service.

The 5.5 cubic metre version is available in three types:

  • Made entirely of steel. Certainly the most competitive in terms of price, but suffers a bit as regards capacity.
  • Made completely of aluminium alloy. The best there is in terms of load capacity and resistance to weathering.
  • Hybrid. Aluminium hopperand steel compacting blade. The right compromise between price and load capacity.

Like all Rossi equipment, Qube can also unload into larger compactors.

Qube. Real compaction in the palm of a hand.


  • Small overall dimensions
  • No C driver’s license required for the basic version
  • Good load capacity
  • Convenient in both small town centres and big cities
  • Unloads into larger compactors
  • A small truck consumes less
  • Low investment