MAXI Satellite

Where load requirements become truly great, but the space is at a premium, there are not many ways to ensure efficient operation.

Increasing size is not enough; we must think differently.

Today, collection needs and types of waste have changed. Less mixed waste, more organic waste, therefore more liquid, heavier with equal volume. This calls for containment tank that are not only larger, but stronger, more compacting. With a proper lifting system that can guarantee maximum efficiency in all circumstances.

Hence we built the R200 and R300, to meet the demands for greater load capacity, better efficiency and ease of unloading. In fact the problem of mini-compactors is that at a certain stage they can no longer lift the bin to unload the contents, once this has become too heavy.

With their 7 or 10 metre volumes, the R200 and R300 stop at nothing. Thanks to the sturdy and stable body structure, with an additional piston to help tipping, and the roller stabilizer feet for greater stability.

What is more, the verticalized bin tipper does not permit load losses or waste to escape, because it only starts rotation when it is above the hopper.

But we could not stop there. Well aware of the difficulties which occur during the unloading of highly compacted material, such as, for example,cardboard, we have created the brand new Easy-Emptying unloading system. A special auxiliary blade helps waste come out during unloading.

Operation is similar to an ejection plate, with the difference that it is not damaged by collecting glass or organic waste.

In addition, the new hinge system of the body allows easier unloading, further away from the vehicle. Coupling becomes easier and safer.

Like all Rossi equipment, the R200 and R300 machines are able to unload into larger compactors, and to handle any type of bin.

Make way through confined spaces.


  • Large load capacity
  • High compaction (4/1)
  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Can also run around small centre
  • Ideal for organic waste, liquid and glass
  • Can also unload into larger compactors
  • Easier unloading
  • Body can be easily lift even when fully loaded