Compactors with Ejection Plate

If you require a strong compacting force and you have to collect dry waste such as plastic or cardboard, you only have one option.

To rely on a compactor withan ejection plate.

Our KRO2000 is a sturdy and lightweight machine, thanks to the special alloys from which it is made.

Thanks to this machine, you’ll be able to load a large quantity of material and unload it everywhere, both onto the ground and into other larger compactors. Furthermore, you’ll be able to manage any type of bin.

Of course, to remain consistent with our philosophy, KRO2000 too is designed in such a way as to be agile and slim. It can be used in relatively confined spaces without the typical inconveniences affecting vehicles of this type.

The Rossi giant is ready to work anywhere without ever stopping.


  • Large load capacity
  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • High compaction (over 4:1)
  • Can alsounload into larger compactor
  • Perfect for dry wastes such as cardboard and plastic