Equipment for Separate Waste Collection

With the advent of separate waste collection, service requirements have also changed.

You now have to be able to optimize collection procedures in an exponential way.

A hopper and a bin tipper are no longer enough. Today, different solutions are needed.

We at Rossi Oleodinamica have designed two types of machines that are perfect for any type of collection.

The Qube MF is a mini-compactor divided in two (or more) separate bodies, with identical or different sizes, depending on your needs (70-30% or 50-50%). The bodies are placed longitudinally.

The Q25, on the other hand, is a compactor with a perpendicularhopper behind the cab.

But we do more than that. We evaluate, design and also build other types of vehicles with two or more sumps, depending on your needs.

We can advise you as regards the best solution for your requirementsto ensure you have the best vehicle for your service.

You will have the option to collect several types of waste during a single journey, thus saving time and money.


  • Small overall dimensions
  • Option of loading several types of waste
  • Possibility of unloading into larger compactors or sumps
  • Customized structure
  • The 2 bodies unload independently