Tip-Hopper Equipment

Service areas are always confined and traffic is always a big problem, but the bins have to be emptied and the waste collected anyway.

You need small, agile, and practical units equipped with everything necessary to lift bins and collect waste.

Rossi Oleodinamica tip-hopper vehicles are adapted for use as satellite vehicles to collect waste in old-town and city centres and in areas where road conditions are rough.

They all feature bin tippers and can be equipped with completely-watertightsumps for the collection of any type of waste. You can decide whether to have steel or aluminium alloy equipment. Each model is perfectly able to unload its contents into medium and large compactors.

R103, R106, R107, R205 – vehicles made to last and work hard, in perfect Rossi Oleodinamica style. They will be the infantry of your fleet, those that do the dirty work, but which keep up pace without ever faltering.


  • Small size
  • Easy maintenance
  • No special driving licenses
  • Easy access to town centres
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